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Poly Manufacturing

5″ to 58″ width.
.0009 to .010 gauge.
Lay Flat Tubing
Gusseted Tubing
Single Wound Sheeting
Double Wound Sheeting
J Sheeting
Centerfold Sheeting
Individual Poly Sheets
Individual Poly Sleeves
Tubular Bags
Gusseted Tubing
Sideweld Bags
Wicket Pack Bags
Staple Pack Bags
Zip Lock Bags
Bin, Box and Drum Liners
Construction Sheeting
Pallet Covers
Furniture & Matress Covers
Die Cut Handle Bags
Handle Holes
Door Knob Holes
Thumb Notch Holes
Bottom Gussets
Wicketed Bags


Available Products

Advertising Bags
Anti Static Bags
Bakery Bags
Bottom Seal Bags
Boutique Bags
Box Liners
Bread Bags
Bulk Bags
Carrier Bags
Carton Liners
Clear Bags
Clothing Bags
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Deli Bags
Department Store Bags
Die Cut Bags
Door Knob Bags
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Fish Bags
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Food Bags
Fruit Bags
Garbage Bags
Gusseted Bags
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East Coast Poly & Packaging, Inc.

Polyethylene Product Specs

Here is a list of the various polyethylene products and specs that will help you to decide what you need if you are not sure. You can also call us for help at: 407-246-4533 anytime between 8am – 6pm EST.



Blocking is the term used to describe what happens when polyethylene film sticks together. Anti-block is an additive that roughens the surface of film at a microscopic level. This makes it easier for layers of film to separate. It makes bags easier to open.


For static sensitive applications – like packaging for electronic parts or for static sensitive automated packaging or mailing equipment – anti-static additives lower surface resistivity and static decay times.


The chemical structure of high density polyethylene (HDPE) lends itself to greater toughness – roughly twice the tear and puncture strength and better chemical resistance than low density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). On the downside, HDPE film is less flexible and less clear than its LDPE and LLDPE cousins.


LDPE provides moderate strength and good clarity for general purpose applications. A commonly used type of LDPE is actually called Clarity.


LLDPE provides better tear and puncture resistance for larger capacities or bulky objects. Two great options for LLDPE are Hexene and Octene.


Is a very strong linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) that stands up to more rigorous demands. Hexene is the most common choice where added strength is important.


Is the strongest linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). For a few pennies more per pound, and delivers the highest tear and puncture strength of any LLDPE material.


The prime benefit is its ability to make film more resilient, and will allow it to stretch more under force and seal better.


(PP) is the choice when clarity is paramount. Polypropylene offers about five times the clarity (one-fifth the haze values) of Clarity low density polyethylene.


These additives decrease the coefficient of friction (increase the slipperiness) of the surface of a bag, film or tubing. 


Some users require increases in slip additive to increase the degree to which their bags, film or tubing glide in a handling or packaging process.


Some users require low slip bags, film or tubing to decrease the likelihood of their product sliding when packaged. Mattress bags are a good example.


Direct sunlight (UV light) causes unprotected film to discolor or become brittle. UVI/UVA (ultraviolet light inhibitor / ultraviolet light absorber) protects both the film and its contents from the damaging effects of the sun and inhibits thermal degradation of the film.

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